mSpy – Mobile App For Spying Others’ Smartphones

Monitoring application for mobile devices is very popular because it gives parents peace of mind regarding their children’s activities and does the same for employers towards their employees. Most of the applications are very simple to use and can easily be downloaded and installed to your desktop. The interface and features are user-friendly so no issues and worries when using it.

You can access the mobile device via your account and your desktop, navigate through the settings, and access all the activities on the phone that you are tracking. You will be able to see all text messages, watch the videos stored, view all photos, check emails, monitor installed applications, listen to and check call logs and use GPS to track the actual location. There is also an option to record and listen to background noise and phone calls on certain times.

Cell Phone Tracking Software Cell Phone Spyware mSpy

The most helpful element that mSpy can give you is the ability to secure your phone and all the information on it in case it gets lost or stolen. You can easily track where the device is using GPS or just block the phone via your desktop to stop anyone else from using it and accessing your information.

You can install mSpy on your kids’ phone without them finding out about it by going directly to the mSpy Website on the target device. You then create an account online and use your email address to link to it. All the information you need will be at your fingertips and you can have it on your own device or on all the devices that your family or employees use.

Cell Phone Tracking Software Cell Phone Spyware mSpy1

Updates are sent regularly to ensure that you have the best app version on your mobile device. You do have a choice of how often you want to receive the updates and to make adjustments on the settings for the device you are monitoring. Should you have any questions or concerns, you can easily get in touch with the support team who will be glad to walk you through the process via Skype, chat or telephone call.

Everyone values their privacy and your family members and employees are no different. But when it comes to safety and security, privacy has to take a back seat. You can install mSpy on your kids’ phone without them finding out about it by going directly to the mSpy website so it will not show up on the installed applications and you will not get notifications for updates. That way, you can ensure the safety of your family members without alarming them.


The mSpy application has the following features:

  • It has keylogger that can keep track of the keystrokes
  • It can track all text messages using Android Keylogger. (deleted ones included)
  • You can determine the actual location via GPS
  • It can record all calls (deleted ones included)
  • It can record the surrounding sounds
  • You can block the phone remotely
  • You can see all videos taken and recorded
  • You can view all contact information, emails exchanged and memos
  • You can check all the information stored on the phone including applications
  • You can check all history of browsing and bookmarked pages

These awesome features are all included for the low price of $69.99 monthly but if you want to get better value, you can have it for $119 for 3 months and $149.99 for 6 months. The best deal will be an annual subscription for $199.99. Bear in mind that rates are for one phone only.

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