New Hardware updates on Apple iMac, a short review.

Update on Apple iMac, iMac review

On September the 24th Apple announced the next gen  update of Haswell to the company’s all in one iMac desktop sets. The new model kepps the existing ultra thin form factor but brings updated internals in line with Intel’s Haswell architecture.

Both the 21.5 inch and 27 inch models see updates to Haswell silicon. These are obviously still based on the same new chassis as last year’s models, but with updated internals. Memory and default storage options remain unchanged, but the Apple moves to a PCIe based SSD similar to what it has done in the MaxBook Air and what it will do in the upcoming Mac Pro refresh. Fusion Drive, Apple’s hybrid HDD/SSD implementation, which is the only good one on the market, is also available but its configuration is unchanged.The SSD component is still only 128GB in size, although now PCIe based. I would have liked to see an increase there.

iMac review

The new iMacs also mark Apple’s first move to a 1TB SSD. Apple has historically used Toshiba, SanDisk and Samsung for its PCLe SSDs, reserving Samsung for the highest capacity options. I do wonder if we might see the use of TLC NAND In order to hit the 1TB capacity poin on the new iMac. Also like the new MBA’s the new iMacs 2013 all gain 802.11 ac support. This is also likely Apple’s first 3X3 802.11 ac implementation so it should be even faster than what we saw with the MacBook Air.

Note that the new iMacs 2013 still use Thunderbolt 1.0, for 2.0 you will likely have to wait for the new rMBPS and Mac pro.

See the following chart Models and their specs;

Review Chart iMac updates


The Apple iMac 2013 line starts at $129 for the base 21.5 inch model up to $1999 for the standard top end 27 inch model. CTO options for additional RAM storage, and upgraded GPUs will raise the price, although Apple’s online custom ordering is not yet available to determine exact prices.

Source: TekRevue

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