New iOS 9 concept makes us imagine new powers to the lock screen

ios 9

Ok, slowly pass the fever for the Apple Watch and empezarnos now it’s time to focus on the next big Apple event, the WWDC 2015 is just over a month away and as usual we expect news about new Apple iOS 9 . Of course an almost sure the new iOS will be announced in September , although Apple has confirmed that this update will focus more on the stability and performance, this is not an impediment for designers and developers begin to create their concepts based on what that they (and many of us) would like to see in the next iOS.

This idea comes from the guys who devoted almost two years to imagine functions and designs for Apple products and this time we have one based on better organization and use for our lock screen and who have called Quick Access.


Quick Access is presented as a new interface for lock screen, retaining essentially the design, colors and typography, but bringing the possibility of a better organization of our notifications according to our applications rather than go showing in list form as they arrive.

But the most interesting part comes with shortcuts to these notifications, missed calls and reminders . As already explained, notifications will be ranked according to each of the applications and can interact with them or to eliminate them, we will, similar to what we do today, but better organized.

Under the same scheme list would show us the lost with the option to call the number or calls, send a message. And finally we have the reminders would take a leading role in our lock screen, showing our work in the same list layout but with the option to pin items to the screen to be displayed at all times for consultation without unlocking.

Via | BGR

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