New iPad mini 2 is expected to outsell by 2:1 ratio to the fifth generation iPad

new iPad mini

Apple will probably lead the tablet market again, if new iPads met the demands.

The new Retina iPad mini is expected to outsell double in numbers to the fifth generation iPad, If only Apple met the demand of the iPad users. The iPad lovers are waiting for Appleā€™s event of 22nd October, in which iPad mini 2 and new iPad 5 are expected to come.

The new iPad 5 is rumor to come with extreme new look, and with full size display. While iPad 2 is getting a retina display with sharper and more crispy touch. The different analysts predicted about the margins of new iPads.

I will like to give only the overview of predictions which were given by analysts on the topic of Apple’s new iPads sales. Daryani, a RBC Capital Markets analysts said that the iPad mini 2 will go for sale with the double margin. New iPads are expected to get 65% iPad’s sale while remaining will only 35% which will go for regular iPads and old generation iPads.

But another analysts David Evanson of Canaccord Genuity analysed that the fifth generation iPad will outsell the Retina iPad mini. According to his prediction Apple will sell out 12.9 millions iPad 5 and 11.5 million Retina iPad mini (iPad mini 2) in the three months of market availability of the two tablets. While he also think that Apple will introduce their new iPad with a delayed launch in the December quarter. On other hand he also expects that in the March 2014, iPad mini will outsell against full size fifth generation iPad 14.4 million to 8.4 million i.e. double of new iPad 5 units sale.

The third analysts, Ben A. Teitzers of Barclays Capital says problems obtaining components for the iPad mini 2 could lead to a launch later than expected in the quarter for the 7.9 inch tablet.

Source: Apple Insider

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