Next iPhone 6S will come with Improvements in the processor and the camera

iphone 6s

Already half a year has passed with the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus , another generation is expected to be launched in end of this year named as ‘6S’ and it will come with two varieties, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. What can we overtake to the iPhone 6S? So far nothing official, but as always with Apple rumors and there are many few clues. iPhone 6S will be an improvement over the other highlight: the camera, it is speculated that have a ‘digital SLR quality’ thanks to a dual sensor, perhaps something like what the HTC One M8 . It is also possible that the novelty is the possibility to take photos in RAW default, something that Android has taken front .

The theme of the camera is increasingly important on smartphones instead , and many manufacturers are putting the focus on this feature with excellent results. For now there remains a significant margin over evolve so that both Apple and other manufacturers continue to improve their smartphone camera.

The ‘S’ Apple models usually just make changes in design and external appearance, focusing on the inside. iPhone 6S will use the new Apple A9 SoC ,


This processor is like just Samsung uses in their Exynos Galaxy S6 , which we would think Apple would have to make their own , as speculating takes some months .

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