Nexus 5 tear down shows OIS camera and 2,300 mAh battery.

There have been a lot of images of the latest Google Nexus 5 leaked around the web, but we have got some special ones showing the Nexus 5 tore down exposing the chips used under the hood.  Beside the display there are many small chips being made by LG itself while some important gadget units have been developed by other 3rd party developers.

The set of pictures posted on shows  the images of each and every corner of the device including display, camera, other inner chips and battery. The Google Nexus 5 owns a 4.95-inch display almost equal in dimensions to Samsung’s current flagship device the Galaxy S4. The other parts like the front and the OIS supported back camera can be seen even closer. The Battery shows the capacity of 2,300 mAh. There is also the round earpiece spotted inside the device.

Here are the set of HD images of the Google Nexus 5 tear down.

Source: FanaticFone

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