Nexus 5 won’t have a Full-HD display and it will be 4.5-inch.

Google Nexus 5 full specifications, Nexus 5 Specifications

Samsung has announced it’s most anticipated device of 2013, The Galaxy S4. Now it’s Apple and Google getting ready to launch their smartphones rumored to be iPhone 5S and the Nexus 5 respectively.


The next awesome smartphone war will arguably be between Motorola X and Google’s Nexus 5. Google plans to leave out making a bigger display for the Nexus 5 and according to a leak, it will actually sport a 4.5-inch display but it will be stretched out a bit more to take up 88% of the smartphone’s face. Furthermore, it will not compete against 1080p Full HD devices that are mostly coming out this season but will actually settle with 720p. Also Google isn’t interested in making Higher Pixel density displays as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 came out with a 441 ppi density display and the HTC One make it even better with a 443 ppi display.

It will have a 9MP camera and a better battery life. Google’s aphorism for this phone includes “compactness, having a great camera and huge battery life”. It will also use Snapdragon 600 1.5GHz and will no doubt be more budget-friendly than other Google Nexus devices. Its direct competitor, the Motorola X recently released information about its impressive hardware, which somehow makes this bit of news a bit weird. It could mean that a different unit might go head-on with Motorola X or that Google will not compete with it because it has a bigger stake in Motorola X than we previously thought.



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