Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P leaked to be as the future Google Phones.


The future Google smartphones are on the verge of release and we have some quite useful leaked information showing up already. There have been a lot of hype about the Nexus 5X device but today we have got some more info about the Huawei’s built Nexus 6P smartphone which will be made public alongside the Nexus 5X device.

Both coming smartphones are power houses and can be ranked among the high end devices by Google. The Nexus 5X will be made by the LG Electronics and it looks more familiar with the Nexus 5 design which was released in 2013. While the Nexus 6P device will be made by Huawei.

There have been reports that the Nexus 6P device will come with the more powerful Snapdragon 810 processor supported with the 3GB of RAM and another Adreno 430 GPU regarded as the most powerful Graphic processing unit so far. There are no reports about the extended memory options or even the removable battery. Anyhow designers at Google more often don’t like to give the liberty with the more customized phones.


Both Nexus devices will be made available next month and the launch event is expected to be held in the future Google Event which will take place in somewhere in Europe.

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