Nintendo to update “Super Mario Run” with new modes,characters and much more

Nintendo is now coming up with some very good news for the kids that the  old school game of the early 2000 children Super Mario. The last updated version of the game was Super Mario Run which is now updating and its updates are coming on iOS and Google Play store on 29th of September. Nintendo has confirmed that they are going to upload the new updates on Android Store and iOS on 29th of this month.The game will include a new world, mode, and playable characters.It will definitely a big fun game because it will  now be the favorite game of the the 90’s as well as 2000’s children.

The Paper Mario would be the updates which consist of a new mode known as Remix 10.This mode will randomly splices together ten sections from the games various levels in rewards players with rainbow medals.This time the user will be able to unlock the new “World Star” which is the new World in the game introduced this time.The level includes the 9 new levels and  some new enemies.In this world they also added some additional mechanics of the game. You can also play as Princess Daisy as you progress by clearing more levels.

Oh ! now come the best part that you can also listen to your favorite music while playing and on the screen the player will wear Headphones when you do so.I am excited by this and imagining,how come this new feature.There is no doubt in the performance of the Nintendo.They had some very good initial gaming projects and they all are successful.Now this game update will put their situation in the  more stronger way and they will be seriously into the mobile gaming like the big crocodiles in the game.Nintendo is giving a very good offer by cutting the price into half from the date of release 29th September to 12th October.  

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