How to Root Nokia 3 without connecting it to the computer.

Nokia 3 is out and is available in the market. Today we will let you know how to Root Nokia 3 smartphone loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat with the help of this simple trick without any need of connecting the device to your computer. With this Nokia 3 Root you will be able to get the most out of your device with this root access. It will let you install many new apps that need a rooted device to be installed on. If you are looking for the Nokia 3 Firmware, then you can click on the link and download it on your PC. Rooted Android on Nokia 3 is regarded as among the best android phone to root because of its better specs sheet.

For all the new Android users who are not aware of the term what rooting the nokia is, then this article will surely provide you with complete details and knowledge. Rooting is basically allowing the users of smartphone running android operating system to get the advantage to control android subsystem. It overcomes the limitations put on the devices. It’s more like a jailbreak in Apple’s iOS. The unrooting is opposite or reverses of rooting in which you move back to original stock using USB Cable and connecting it with PC. Most of the Stock Android devices easily root with Command prompt on PC.

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This process of unrooting give back warranty which was void due to rooting. There are many people asking for Root my android device online, so we will make sure to bring the process which will not include any computers. The new Nokia by HMD are quite different to other Android devices like Sony Xperia or Samsung Galaxy Note etc. The Custom Roms Android is installed here in this device. So this Stock Android Root needs developer options enabled.

Now moving to the root process of Nokia 3, you need to make sure that you have all these things ready to move forward.

1- Make sure to backup your device data and not on internal storage. Also don’t touch the system dump.

2- The Root process involves Nokia 3 smartphone only. It can’t be done to root any other Nokia smartphones available in the market.

3- You should make sure to have at-least 70% battery available before the rooting process to continue.

4- You should install TWRP Custom Recovery on Nokia 3 before rooting it in such root guides.

5- Make sure to Unlock Bootloader on Nokia.

6- Make sure that the Usb Debugging is also enabled on your device.

Here is the complete guide to root, without using any flash tool for recovery and root Nokia device.

How to Root Nokia 3 using simple method:

All you have to do is follow this simple step by step guide to ensure that you can root Nokia 3 successfully by following these steps.

Step 1: First of all Download the most needed Nokia 3 Rooting file from the link given at the end of post.

Step 2: Once done, Boot your device in to TWRP Recovery Mode by pressing Power+Volume Down keys together until the phone vibrates and starts showing the TWRP screen. It fells in oem unlocking.

Step 3: Now that you entered into recovery mode, you should see many options. You can navigate up and down using the Volume keys or even by simply taping on screen. You can also use home button as OK.

Step 4: Now in recovery mode first of all tap on Wipe and then choose Wipe Delvik Cache

Step 5: Now tap on Backup and make sure to backup the installed OS on your Nokia 3.

Step 6: Once done click on Back button, Now tap on Install and select the Supersu.Zip that you have downloaded from the given link above.

Step 7:  Once done, The smartphone will restart automatically and you will get a rooted Nokia 3.

To check that you have rooted your device or not you can download this App named ” Root Checker” from the official Google Play Store and run it. It will show the status of the root, if you have successfully rooted the device. If you couldn’t do follow the steps, you can simply post your queries in the comments section below.

Nokia 3 Root Files :Supersu.Zip

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