Nokia Announces Nokia Asha 305, 306 and 311.

Nokia announces a new series of smart phones Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306 and Nokia Asha 311, The Asha series looks quite popular in middle east and asia pacific.


Nokia Asha 311 comes with a 3″ inch full Capacitive touch screen, with a quite impressive resolution of 320×240 as its a basic S40 device.This adds a 3.2 MP rear camera makes photography looks quite better than other small handsets available around. Built in is a 1 Ghz power full processor which is now available in almost all Asha series handsets. It connect faster to the internet with Wi-Fi & 3G through the smart Nokia Browser that usesless data.

Nokia Asha 3306

The feature make it quite a good investment for the lower end markets, especially Middle east and far east Asia.

The Other Asha’s:

The other two handsets that have been announce by Nokia are Asha 305 a dual sim touch screen phone and the same variant with a single sim Nokia Asha 306. Both are quite light weight and having 3″ inch resistive touch screens with a resolution of 400×240 as mentioned on Nokia website.

The camera sensor is also smaller in these variants as it has a 2 MP rear Camera. It also have Wifi and 3g support and have a nice 1 Ghz power processor with strong battery to support.

For more info visit Nokia’s site Nokia Asha 311.

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