Nokia Belle updated with new homescreen widgets.

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The old Symbian platform which was later named as Nokia platform comes up with a minor update for its Nokia Belle version. The Nokia Belle is a very long lived operating system based on Symbian Platform. Despite being convicted for the phasing out term that the Nokia labeled for Symbian Operating System, We still have the luxury of a new update that goes beyond simple updates and is focusing more on user interface than the bugs and glitches present inside the system.


Every Nokia Belle FP1 or FP2 user must keep it in mind that this is not a major update for this platform, but an update that introduces a new selection of widgets to be placed in a home of the devices Such as Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6, Nokia E7, Nokia 808 Pureview etc

The new widget introduced by new software update are three:

  1. Webview widget . It is a widget that had made ​​her debut through a project of Nokia  Beta Labs in February and has gone to the commercial version distributed with the recent update. The widget allows you to keep under control a portion of the web page and highlights it on the main home screen. 
  2. Mirror widget. A simple widget that introduces a shortcut to the front camera
  3. Toggle to the torch. Turns on and off the light as a torch

Nokia update, nokia belle update, Nokia Belle 2013, Nokia Belle update lates

It is not, as I said a revolutionary update , but it’s always good to see that despite the Belle platform is not the best supported by the Finnish manufacturer, Such small updates still continue to be released.

The first reports on the release of the update come from the English market. At the moment we have verified the presence of the update on our Nokia 701 (Belle FP2) with negative results. And ‘likely that the period of actual availability may be postponed for a few days with regard to other global versions.

However it is quite sure that the update will be available with in coming days,  To check the update you should try the software update on your phone

Update using the Software Update app on your phone

Step 1. For most phones:

  1. Select Menu > Applications > (Tools >) SW Update or
  2. Select Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone updates

Step 2. Select the updates you want to install, and follow the instructions shown on your phone.


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