Nokia bringing Here Auto Connected Car Navigation System


Nokia bringing a Here Auto connected car navigation and infotainment system for smartphones.

In Finland, a Nokia business announced a complete Connected Driving offer, which is the only end to end driving solution on the today’s market. Which will help car makers and vehicle technology suppliers connect the car and the driver to the Cloud Technology.

Lets first take a view on Cloud technology, The Cloud technology is the internet based computing, where by shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, examples like an electricity. Cloud technology needs no specific place to gain access to the required information. So this Technology is superbly involved in Here Auto Connected car navigation system.


Here Auto is think turn by turn navigation system managed with a cloud based info service like Waze. It has features like a speed limit and speed camera warnings and different map views. Nokia says Here Auto is built using maps that are use inside 4/5 cars featuring in dash navigation. The navigation offers different views depending on the situation including a bird’s eye view when you are driving on the high way a more zoomed in view when you are driving in the city, and the street level images when you are near your destination.

Apart from navigation, this new technology users will be able to get status of their cars including fuel and battery levels, which are much more real time information for a driver. It could tell you that your car’s fuel level is low and would give you direction toward the nearest gas station. It could even give you real time fuel prices and show you which fuel station has the best price, As said by Chris Hellmis, vice president, Map Platform And Apis, Location and Commerce.

According to Chris Hellmis, Car makers will get all these features which are available on their smartphone service that includes maps for over 190 countries, real time traffic updates and voice guided navigation in over 60 languages.


It will take some interval to make this offer accessible to us but it will be demonstrated in Frankfurt Germany at a huge coming Motor Show on 10 September.



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