Nokia shows dominance in the Windows Phone market.

Nokia is gaining momentum, Yes, however it’s quite slow as compared to the infrastructure and Human Resources the company have, But yet it’s been significant as we know the company was on a famous ” Burning Platform“, as quoted by it’s current CEO Stephen Elop 2 years back. But since then the burning platform seems to be getting cooler now, with the introduction of Windows Phone as the main operating System for their smartphone the Nokia seems to be much more stable now.

Our assumptions get even stronger with a full detailed survey made by a promotional network AdDuplex. Nokia has shown some dedication with this Windows Platform and that resulted in releasing some High-End Lumia devices which are powerful and elegant. That made them enjoy a serious 80% of the Windows Phone sales in the current Market scenario. 

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HTC has the name in the 2nd spot as far as the Windows Phone sales is concern, but a mere 14 percent sales it hardly able to catch Nokia’s record numbers, keeping in mind the fact that they totally adopted Lumia style in there 2 latest windows devices HTC 8X and HTC 8S. The copy trend made them achieve some sales but nothing significant as compared to Nokia. The other companies that managed to show up in the graph were Samsung with the 5 percent sales while ZTE, LG, Huawei, Acer all made 1% of sold Windows devices. 

Despite having poor track record in United States, Nokia still manages to have control 95 percent of the market in more than 10 countries including Finland, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, South Africa and India. Which made Nokia the only trusted and tested Windows Phone maker in these regions. Apart from that India is getting the fastest Windows Phone adopter as Nokia made shifted their factories on Indian soil. In United States,which is the most important market, Nokia Windows Phone sales are around 66% of all the Windows Phone sold here. That seems Nokia has still got some  tough competition at US soil. 

Lumia 820, Lumia 920

 According to the AdDuplex world wide figures Nokia Lumia 822 and Lumia 920 are the best sold WP devices in United States, keeping in mind Lumia 822 is the US Verizon version of Nokia Lumia 820. However overall popularity is split between Lumia 920 and WP7’s flagship Lumia 800, both of them have commanding 14 percent sale figures each with another Mid-Range Nokia Lumia 720 got the 2nd place with a 13 percent market sales.

So Nokia seems to be enjoying the powerful Windows Phone 8 operating system with their elegant and solid designs making them gain some ranks among the smartphone makers, surely they will be looking for the old ranks they had enjoyed before the iPhone and Android hit the markets. However it’s still to far to go as recent research from “comScore” shows that Microsoft WP8 has just 3.2 percent share of the smartphone in American markets. While at the same time Android is far out in front enjoying  with a huge 51 percent of the market share.

Nokia appears to be doing its part, but Microsoft may need to put in a little more effort if it wants to be the world’s number three smartphone platform.


Source : AdDuplex  &  comScore

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