Nokia’s first ever Android Phone Normandy showed up in leaked image.

This is Nokia s Android phone   The Verge

There have been some rumors circulating around the web that Nokia has started developing the Android smartphone. Some top tech sites have already started to post what they say, an Android powered Nokia smartphone as seen in the image above.

The phone is named to be Normandy and this will be the first Nokia phone to run Android Operating System. The reports suggests that the phone is already in the testing phase. Nokia Normandy will run a custom fabricated version of Android OS same as Amazon does with its Kindle Fire Line. This mid-range smartphone shows that the makers at Nokia are planning hard to introduce a new line of Nokia Android phones to be known as Normandy line of smartphones.

The image of the Normandy smartphone pops up by one of the most reliable online gadgets news leakers @evleaks. The source claims that the this Lumia Style device will be the first ever Android powered Nokia smartphone. However we couldn’t find any type of navigation buttons neither physical nor capacitive any where around the screen on the front of the device. As the Android OS needs these buttons to let users navigate through its UI.

However it is still a mystery and the deal between Microsoft and Nokia isn’t finalized yet. But the news of and Nokia Android phones is still quite amusing as some old Nokia fans who are currently using Android powered devices would certainly look forward to buy this device.

Many reliable sources have also confirmed that the Nokia Normandy series will be introduced to replace all the current low-end to mid-range Nokia Asha devices loaded with the Nokia Series 40 (Symbian). So we can assume that Nokia will continue with the Windows Phone 8 Lumia series, beside adding this new Nokia Normandy smartphone series loaded with the custom UI supported Android version. We hope that the first such device will be launched in the first quarter of 2014.

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