Not all current Lumia can upgrade to Windows 10 [ Report ]


Two months ago, Microsoft seemed to promise with all the guarantees that all smartphones based on Windows Phone 8 could upgrade to Windows 10 when the new platform available, but now have clarified these initial comments . Microsoft showed few general developments in Windows 10 for phones, but some were interesting: the Keypad, Skype integration in the messaging client, the new notification area or redesigning phone settings were curious, but also had special Attractive including Office for these devices . Hopefully those affected by these hardware limitations are the fewest possible devices.

In the blog Lumia Conversations responsible for Microsoft indicate that ” as in any update to a new platform, not all phones may be updated or support all possible features of Windows 10 and certain features require hardware most advanced in the future “. No clear it of all, it seems that there will indeed models Lumia range that can not make that leap .


Microsoft did not specify concrete models or hardware that involve a Barrerra for that update components but want to try to reassure owners of these devices indicating that ” our goal is that most Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 can join the Windows ecosystem together the hundreds of millions of PCs, tablets and other devices running hope the next generation of Windows “.

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