Notifications for Pokemon GO 1.2 Apk is here with new features.

Notifications for Pokemon GO APK

If you want to be the Pokemon Go master then this PokeNotify app the Notifications for Pokemon GO 1.2 Apk must be a part of your device. As the name suggests the app is best at spotting the pokemons around you and then notifier you with the quick notification. The app work both for the Android smartphone and smartwatches. All you need is download the Notifications for Pokemon GO 1.2 Apk from the given link below and make sure to update it regularly. There have been some specific regions where this app is working currently. But with this Latest apk app available now you can download it right now.

PokeNotify is the one essential app for every Pokemon Master! PokeNotify lets you select the Pokemon GO Pokemon you’re looking for, and be notified automatically on your phone or smartwatch when those Pokemon are near your location. Once found, PokeNotify will alert you to the Pokemon’s presence and also tell you the Pokemon’s exact location.


No more constantly opening the Pokemon GO app to check what’s nearby. No more wandering aimlessly looking for that rare pokemon. PokeNotify will help you catch ’em all!

PokeNotify uses real Pokemon locations straight from Pokemon GO, not crowdsourced data, so you can always be sure the information is accurate and up to date. In addition, PokeNotify does not require you to log in with your personal Pokemon GO account, so there’s no risk of being banned by Pokemon GO, unlike with some other apps.


Download Notifications for Pokemon GO 1.2 Apk for Android phones:

All you have to do is follow the instructions given below.

1- Download the app from given link below.

2- Make sure to enable the unknown source file installation.

3- Once done your apk will be downloaded and installed on your Android phone.

That’s it.

Notifications for Pokemon GO 1.2 Apk : Apk Link  | Official Google Play Store Link | Link 2 |

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