Now you can play PAC-MAN on Google Maps

Now you can play PAC-MAN on Google Maps

Do you remember the Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge last year? As the team Google Maps brings a new game for this “April Fool’s Day” is theoretically morning April 1, but as usual the companies advance their jokes hours earlier to try to catch us off guard. The new “April Fool’s Day” for this 2015 Google Maps is nothing more and nothing less than the classic game PAC-MAN . In other words, we can now play PAC-MAN on Google Maps .

The streets of some cities will become labyrinthine levels which play with PAC-MAN to collect all your pills while dodging or we eat the ghosts enemies. As in the joke last year we have to find these levels are located throughout the world . Google gives the first clues to find some levels .

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First tracks

  • The lights do not disoriented.
  • El Triunfo is délicieux.
  • Do you expect a galactic bonus after climbing 272 steps these?
  • Make your way to independence bites by seven lanes of July.
  • PAC-MAN and his wife did not agree on which side is nicer, if the American or Canadian.Which side you like better, eh?
  • After talking to the Sphinx, PAC-MAN is more like “Dokki Dokki”.
  • Stop the game to admire the stained glass windows by Chagall and eat some chocolate.
  • Can you achieve 10 ^ (10 ^ 100) points?
  • Whether flash blue as if they show their natural colors, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are always kakkoii. Even from Vogue is acknowledged that live in the trendiest neighborhood.
  • The previous lives of PAC-MAN did not come to rest in a mausoleum of white marble.
  • Head to the valley of the sun to get a good grade in the art of the game.
  • How you can move around the extensive federal district streets?
  • Victory is as gothic musik xylophone to our ears.
  • Pay special attention to Blinky because it could be mistaken for red kangaroos.
  • Soon will be held here the World Cup PAC-MAN Beach.

We can play both the official application for mobile devices like from your computer through the web of Google Maps. From Google Maps for Android will see in the side navigation bar the new section “Insert coin” to see the game instructions and clues, and the section “High Scores” in which we see the leaderboards.

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