NX300M will be the first Samsung Camera running Tizen 3.0 OS.

Tizen have just updated their OS to Tizen 2.2.1, The developers are now quite confident that this new updated version of Tizen is capable of being deployed on any smartphone. The team seems to be ready to work on the future version as well to be named as Tizen 3.o which will be announced later.

Today in the latest development of the Tizen Developers Summit in South Korea, the giant South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has announced their first ever device completely running on Tizen Platform. This isn’t a smartphone or TV, It is the renowned Samsung Galaxy Series camera that will be running the Tizen Camera Platform and is named NX300M.


This new NX300M camera uses the core Tizen technology which enables it to boot 2x faster than the previous Cameras introduced by the company. The Tizen Camera Platform also enhances the camera performance as well.

The Samsung NX300M is will be made available in 1st Quarter of 2014 and it is expected that till then we have the Tizen 3.0 up and running on the device. The best thing about this platform is that the update will be made available to all devices without the delay such as seen in Android development.

The future Tizen 3.0 OS will also support for multi-users while the developers eager to add the support for the future 64-bit architecture found in the new devices. Beside the Tizen 3.0 will support better 3D rendering engine with the new 3D UI framework as overlay of the OS. This will add new looks and performance of apps UI.Tizen-3-Features

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