Official HTC twitter account teases HTC One mini smartphone to be released tomorrow.

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After the launch of  Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, the smaller version of most successful Samsung phone the Galaxy S4, it’s only competent rival HTC One also wants to show up their most sold flagship HTC One’s mini version. We have been hearing a lot of rumors about this particular device for last two weeks.

But now all those rumors seems to be legit news as the Taiwanese smartphone makers are ready to unveil their  mini version of HTC One. The HTC One Mini will show up tomorrow as described in this teased tweet posted on the official HTC account. Now don’t take it as another Rumor, as there is a Verified Account blue tick shown beside the name tag, so that means it is more official twitter account of HTC than you anticipated.

There has been many leaked images of this particular device surfaced on the web but no such confirmed reports about the specs sheet of the device has emerged on the scene. With some rumored specs it has been claimed by different sources that HTC will follow the pattern set by Samsung by making the mini version of the HTC One more of a mediocre phone instead of injecting high-end chips into  the device.

The design of the HTC One mini will totally resemble from head to toe to it’s elder most powerful cousin HTC One. However the whole game is about the size and specs that will make it more of a budget phone. The HTC One mini will have a 4.3 inch display which will not be full-HD, a Dual Core processor is reported inside the device along with 1 GB of RAM. On the camera department the device will inherit the same camera technique used in HTC One, by having the same 4-megapixel or more of Ultrapixel camera that couldn’t satisfy the masses as was expected by  the developers at HTC.  Anyways here is what HTC have to say for their upcoming HTC Mini device with the teasing image.


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