Official Samsung Galaxy S4 S-Voice.Apk gets leaked.

Svoice Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Svoice

The Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be out earlier than expected and is in the hands of some really smart guy who dumped the system files and got access to some interesting features including Wallpapers, Ringtones and S-Voice.

The extracted app is now available as S-Voice.apk for Galaxy Devices specially Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II. I personally downloaded and tested it on Samsung Galaxy SIII and it’s working perfect. There isn’t many changes except the new user interface and some new lines added to Svoice AI agent. The voice used is still much more robotic than the one used in Google Now. 

Installing it on devices like Nexus 4 showed some problems and it’s not functioning proper to queries. Samsung also may block the functionality of this filtered S-Voice, as they did with the leaked version of the app extracted from Galaxy SIII.

On testing the app on Samsung Galaxy SIII I asked some questions and obvious one was ,”Which is the the best smartphone?” and the reply I got was quite disturbing as Galaxy S4 thinks Alcatel 665 is the best smartphone adding a 8 -GB iPhone 3G, and 3GS as Apple gained the numbers in the search while none of the Galaxy devices mentioned.

SVoice best smartphone, Svoice says Apple is the best



Here is the file you can download and test it on your device too.

S voice Galay S4, Galaxy S4 Svoice apk






Source:  SamMobile

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