OnePlus open one office in Europe throughout this year


One of the companies that will speak more last year was OnePlus. His bet was clear, leading terminal features at a price that was more midrange high end . One of the first problems we met when we launch into buying the OnePlus One was the subject of shipments as they were from China.

Another problem was its disputed invitation system to acquire your device , something that at first was almost a mission impossible. To date there have already been several opportunities to buy on different days that OnePlus itself acknowledged orders without further requirements. The news today is that OnePlus continues his idea of expanding and a necessary step would be to create an office in the European continent measure that would win both advertising and possibly sales. For example, it would be an improvement to have a service center in Europe to solve problems quickly and effectively.


Currently OnePlus plans include the opening of an office of research and development, but it certainly is a great first step. To do this, its CEO Carl Pei not hesitate to send a message to the 1,000 dismissed for Sony to send their resumes to join their team. If OnePlus command them your articles from Europe and uninvited, significantly increase their sales?

Via | TuttoAndroid

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