Top 5 Online Mobile App Development Courses for Beginners.

The world has gone mobile, and now, more than ever, we depend on our mobile devices. Whether it is communicating, business, gaming, or studying, we can access almost everything through our smartphones and applications. 

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The mobile app market will continue to grow in the coming years as the demand for mobile applications will increase across different industries. This is good news for individuals interested in pursuing a career in mobile app development. 

Tons of projects and opportunities are lined up for you if you have the right skills. A mobile app development course is important in the digital age due to the advancements in technology and the digitization of most aspects of our lives. 

Mobile App Development

To tap the available opportunities, you can get training in mobile app development through online courses. So, delegate your routine and tedious assignments to custom writings services that write essays for money and focus on education that will benefit your future career the most. If you have a passion for mobile app development, here are some online courses to consider. 

Developing Android Apps With App Inventor – Coursera 

The course has been taken by about 23,000 students and is ideal for beginners looking to learn how to use App Inventor. 

It is a free online app development course that comprises 43 video lectures, 49 quizzes, and 75 readings. Through the course, you will learn about 

  • programming basics and dialogue; 
  • game creation; 
  • application coding; 
  • device location; 
  • drawing. 

It is a self-paced course that takes about 25 hours to complete. The course is great for mobile app developers looking to build a solid foundation in App Inventor. The quality of user experience and instruction is excellent, and once you complete the course, you get a certificate at a fee. 

Foundations of Objective-C App Development – Coursera 

Are you interested in developing mobile applications using Objective-C? Foundations of Objective-C App Development by Coursera is the ideal course for you to build a foundation in the Objective-C development language. 

The course highlights 

  • the basics of iOS app development; 
  • reading and writing Objective-C; 
  • prototyping applications; 
  • professional organization of code. 

If you are also looking for expansive iOS development, the course is a great place to start. 

You don’t need previous experience to pursue the course as it is beginner level. It features readings, videos, and quizzes and takes 19 hours to complete. The step-by-step instruction is what you need to build a strong foundation in Objective-C mobile app development from experts. 

Android App Development Specialization – Coursera 

Are you a beginner with no previous Android app development knowledge or experience? Android App Development Specialization on Coursera is the app development program for you. With only the basic knowledge of computers, you can start learning how to implement the core features of Java to develop great mobile applications with Java mechanisms and core Android components. 

Through the course, you will learn 

  • Android software development; 
  • Junit; 
  • software testing; 
  • the concepts of Java programming, logic programming, and concurrent computing. 

You will also get a shareable certificate at the end. The course duration is about five months. 

iOS Development Fundamentals – Skillshare 

The iOS Development Fundamentals online course by Skillshare is taught by experts and industry leaders who use photography, design, illustration, and other techniques to deliver the content. 

The course features high-level content highlighting the building blocks for developing excellent iOS applications. The instruction is well articulated through bite-sized videos to make the information easy to understand. All it takes to excel in the course is ensuring that you follow along. Your project output will give you similar results. 

To complete the course, you will also handle a class project where you will be expected to use topics earned to develop an application. 

Some of the topics to expect in the program include 

  • the basics of delegation and protocols; 
  • programmatic creation of UI elements; 
  • UI Navigation and Table View Controllers; 
  • AutoLayout. 

The instructions use Xcode 9, macOS operating system, and Swift 4. 

Developing Android Apps by Google – Udacity 

The course is taught by industry experts who have prepared rich learning content and interactive quizzes. If you are looking to pursue Google’s advanced Android curriculum, this would be a good start as it offers a great foundation for developing Android apps. 

The course combines theory and practice. Step by step, you will work together with the instructors to build a cloud Android application. It is a short and self-paced course that can help you learn how to build great professional mobile apps in just two weeks. 

Some of the things you will learn from the course include 

  • building and running simple Android applications; 
  • communicating with APIs; 
  • intents; 
  • completing and polishing the UI; 
  • the lifecycle of Android apps. 


If you explore the courses listed above further, you will be surprised that you can learn how to develop a mobile application in a few hours. The courses have been prepared by industry experts and provided the ins and outs of mobile application development. 

There are many online courses for beginners and intermediate developers that you can leverage to build your skills.

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