Oppo Finally Announced Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus

oppo r7 plus

We have spent the last month knowing the Oppo R7 , in recent days and almost by surprise, came a variant known as Oppo R7 Plus. Oppo’s just officially presented the two names. He has not made ​​a formal presentation, with all its data simply showed us the final appearance of both terminals, telling us some things about them. Finally know the rest of the details will have to wait until May 20. With essence of great Oppo R5 , two new terminals are presented with a metallic and thin look , and the new display technology allows the front mostly by screen. With the crystal 2.5D that part is very small, also at its side edges slightly rounded.

As you can see from the pictures, the R7 Plus is a larger version, in which the screen is very big, with smaller frames up and down, and including capacitive buttons on the screen.

oppo r7 screen

The presence of the logo on the front Oppo is also new, as is the rear, with a different location for the camera, and for a fingerprint sensor that is not present in the smaller model.

He will not miss Fast Charge Technology VOOC, or improvements in the speed of the camera, especially during focusing. Wait for next day 20.

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