Oppo N3: What to expect, With Leaked Images.


Oppo, A new Chinese smartphone makers that made some good sales in last years are ready to announce their future flagship device the Oppo N3. The launch event would take place in October 2014 as the invitations of the event cards are ready for tech geeks and press representatives. Oppo N3 has also been hot in news because of its predecessors N1 has achieved huge appreciation after it crossed some new profit records for the company.

The device is in the pipeline but we already have the leaked info and images of the device all over the web. Most expected the device will be a high end Android smartphone and Oppo will love to carry on with the rotational camera feature which they showed in their previous flagship super hit device Oppo N1.

This awesome camera rotation feature that can not be found in any other smartphone yet makes it the most unique full touch display device running Android OS. The Oppo N3 will have the same size display as mentioned in many rumors but the screen resolution and pixel density may increase as compared to the previous device. In recent times we have seen 2K displays for mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so we can expect developers at Oppo to build their 2K version of display by starting with Oppo N3.

The Oppo N3 camera will also be upgraded from 13 megapixel found on Oppo N1 to 16 megapixel with wider lens area and Image Stabilization features to be included in it. This will make users to take even better high quality selfie’s with their smartphone. While the best part is that the dual LED Flash added beside the camera will help you taking selfie even if it is pitch dark out there.The one thing that is different from Oppo N1, is the design. In N1, the rotating camera fitted perfectly with the uniform body of its phone, while in N3, the part of the rotating camera has a buldge, while the rest of the smartphone is slimmer when compared to N1.


Although we don’t have any confirm reports about the specs sheet, so we can not conclude with the confirm specs under the hood of this most anticipated Oppo N3 smartphone. But we still have the leaked images gathered online.



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