OxygenOS is now available for OnePlus One, based on Lollipop


It has been almost a year since its first phone was released , and has since had an operating system developed by Cyanogen . As promised, wanted to be independent and start their own ROM on Android, dubbed OxygenOS . It is a reality in version 1.0.

OxygenOS is officially available for users of OnePlus One . It comes from the hand of the latest Android version, 5.0.2, also known as Lollipop . We have all been caught us by surprise, as there was a marked date in the calendar, and interestingly he has played on Saturdays.

The ROM has been prepared by the people of Paranoid Android – with a team of over 20 developers – and has created a guide for those who want to switch to OxygenOS. Is downloaded to the ROM address this.


Until we can not prove, can not extend too – OnePlus sells it as stable – although we do know that there are many gestures and configuration possibilities. In the following video we show some of the highlights – and look – that come with OxygenOS.

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