PDF, Word, and Excel: Files You Need During COVID-19 Pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic happened so fast that people were not able to adjust to it. Our daily lives of going to schools and offices were changed to studying and working at home. The groceries we used to buy for weekly consumption became purchasing groceries for a month’s budget, and the air we used to breathe is now bothered with face masks and face shields.

We are not even allowed to touch the people we love, for we are all advised to follow social and physical distancing. Have you remembered transferring your large files to a USB or hard drive then submit it to your school professor or superior at work? We could barely do that now. The risk of virus transmission is intolerable, and it is not something we can just take lightly.

Given this pandemic, losing companies are now starting to get back up on their feet. People are picking up with the pace, and started working again under some new working conditions. Working from home has become the new normal and online jobs became the trend. However, some are having a hard time keeping up because of the lack of knowledge in the basics.

PDF, Word, and Excel Files You Need During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Portable Document Format or PDF

Since the submission of reports is most likely done online these days, it is highly advisable to dig in-depth about the portable document format or commonly known as PDF. Back in the early 1990s, sharing documents with different operating systems and computers was problematic. With the invention of PDF, those problems were resolved.

PDF is probably the most important document format worldwide because even with successive transfer of the file to different devices, the document’s format and quality are accurately maintained. If you are not with your desktop or laptop, PDF comes in handy, too, for you can view this file from your webmail through your mobile devices.

Now, you can easily transmit loads of information shrunk in a small file size through this format. It also offers better security because of its less modifiable feature making it ideal for confidential documents. But what if you need to edit the file? Is it possible to convert PDF to Word even with time constraints? With PDFBear, yes, we can.

The Importance of Word

PDFBear uses cloud conversion when it comes to your files. Word is the application you need to create proper-looking documents such as letters, resume, forms, applications, brochures, templates, calendars, reports, business cards, newsletters, and even eBooks, and in speed with quality. You can practice your basic sentence construction for it has grammar and spelling checks.

This software is used by millions of people throughout the globe. It has the right features and functionality to create books, articles, and newsletters. Knowing how to use Word can also help you get a job, for it is one of the standard requirements in finding jobs these days, especially online.

Keeping Track of Your Records Through Excel

Today, spreadsheets have been widely used for different purposes. Working from home with this app is very useful. You can record all your work, monitor your financial records, create graphs and pivot tables, monitor your sales, create detailed statistical reports, and more depending on your work demands.

One problem of the Excel format is when it is time to print it. You may have experienced printing your excel files with parts of it being distorted or not included. Converting it to the PDF format could make it more convenient to print without compromising its quality. Converting Word and Excel is not the only function of PDFBear; there’s more than meets the eye.

The Usefulness of PDF Bear During This Pandemic

Once you are done creating your Word or Excel reports and it doesn’t need editing anymore, converting it to the PDF format is the best thing to do. PDFBear is a user-friendly PDF converter tool wherein you can convert files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG to a PDF format; thus, your file becomes compact and is easier to share and print. Upload your file or drag it to the PDF converter tool then PDF Bear will convert your file in a few seconds. Your file will be ready to download.

PDFBear can also convert PDF to other file formats. Just follow the same steps mentioned above, and you are done! It also has various functions to reduce the file size of your PDF, such as compress and split.

PDFBear simplifies the process

PDF, Word, and Excel files are the most used files in today’s pandemic. Identifying the basics of these programs can make you more efficient in working from home. Converting your files to the PDF format will make everything more convenient for you.

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