PhoneBloks shaping to be a reality, Motorloa ready to introduce Project Ara.


PhoneBloks will be the future of smartphone generation and Motorola is ready to adopt it with their own new project to be named as Project Ara. Most of you won’t know much about the Modular smartphone Idea which was introduced by a open source company few months ago. The idea covers such a smartphone which can be easily upgraded using the modules which suits best with your requirements.

This will make you stick with the same smartphone without the need to buy a new phone every time which has an upgraded display, processor, camera or built in memory. All you need to do is upgrade the module which you want and your smartphone will be ready to compete with any powerful current state of the art phone in the market. The idea was developed months ago and Google owned Motorola wants to be the first to change it to reality. This will surely drag other giant phone makers like Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG and even Apple into the future smartphone technology.

Motorola Ara, Ara project

With some reports leaked about the Motorola’s Project Ara, This will be the first hardware platform made of the modules. The best tagline that will define the new Phonebloks concept is that. “lower barriers to entry, increase the pace of innovation, and substantially compress development timelines.”

This means you can upgrade your smartphone features easily. If you have a 720p display in your smartphone and you want to have a better display device like 1080p with higher ppi display ratio you can simply upgrade your device Display module. Simply you can replace any 8 megapixel shooter with the better camera module which even would support an OIS. Same can happen for a better battery if you use your smartphone too often and you need a better battery to power. So everything can be upgraded by simply replacing the bloks or modules chipped on your device without purchasing a new phone as shown in pictures above.

The video below also shows what PhoneBloks actually is and what developers at Motorola will be making in their Project Ara.

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