Photo Enhancement on Autopilot using Artificial Intelligence


The day smartphones got equipped with built-in cameras our lives changed forever. Back in 2000 Samsung was first to introduce a phone with a 0.35 megapixel camera. 16 years later Apple raised the bar with new iPhone 7 – a water resistant powerhouse with a dual 12x megapixel camera. Before that only those with DSLR dared to call themselves photographers and now everyone with a smartphone can create their own portfolio.

However, having a camera does not automatically make you a great photographer, right? Most professional photographers will agree that the true magic happens when you edit photos with the right software. There are always shots that are almost perfect without extra touch-ups, but most of the photos we take require post-processing.  

At the same time improving image quality is not that easy. If you have ever used Photoshop or another “traditional” photo editor, you know that it takes time and effort to get things right. I remember the first time I used Adobe Photoshop to cut out my face for a school project. It was like reading the book in Chinese…you can see symbols but have no idea what they mean and how to interpret them.

So does it have to be that hard to get an amazing photo? In the world where Siri helps us pick the right place for breakfast, Tesla introduces self-driving cars and robots walk our pets, it would be weird not to get a smart intelligent assistant to fix our photos.

A month or so, I’ve heard of Photolemur – a fresh piсture quality enhancement solution for everyone, who likes taking photos. The team behind Photolemur said they’ve analysed over 90,000 different images in order to teach their artificial image quality enhancer to perform the right tweaks automatically.

As a result, they came up with a unique, fully automatic photo adjustment solution for people, who don’t have time or knowledge to perform extremely complicated photo editing using traditional software. Sounds intriguing, huh?

How does Photolemur work?

On the outside Photolemur looks like an app with a modern and simple interface. But it is much more than just a beautiful UI on the inside. A special algorithm analyses millions of pixels per second, finding flaws and figuring out the necessary fixes. It detects faces, objects, tones and colors, after that Photolemur improves the photo, based on the history of almost 100 000 fixes images.

Every photo you save or share is added to a virtual “success” database. If the photo isn’t saved or shared, it’s added to a virtual “blacklist.” Photolemur is a self-evolving technology.

Although the tech may sound complex, using Photolemur is extremely simple. You load the photos, and the rest is done automatically. At the end of batch improvement, you check the photos, add final touches if necessary and save your images.

Photolemur Team plans to launch the product on the Mac platform first, and introduce the PC version just couple of months after. The first public beta of Photolemur should be available by the end of September.  

Where will the auto improve photo quality of Photolemur be especially helpful?

Faces: Believe it or not, but 80% of the photos we take have people on them. Moreover, selfie is the world’s most popular photography style. The sad truth is, it is really hard to take the perfect photo of people, as there are simply too many things that can go wrong. Skin color, light, shades, wrinkles etc.


One of Photolemur’s superpowers is the ability to automatically detect faces. The auto photo adjustment algorithm makes skin look more natural, fixes the imperfections and applies the necessary enhancements. Within seconds, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve skin color and fixe imperfections
  • Corrects the tint, making it warmer or cooler based on the photo
  • iRemoves digital noise on low-light photos
  • Adjusts exposure, making dark images brighter & vice versa
  • Improve the overall look with the built-in photo color enhancer

Landscapes: No camera can capture the beauty of nature as our eyes see it. The reason for that is simple: our eye is the most advanced lens in the world, and even the most advanced tech is not advanced enough.


Use the automatic photo quality correction in Photolemur to unveil the hidden beauty of the moment. If you are a fan of nature photography, this software would dramatically improve your shots even if you use a consumer camera or a smartphone. To fix your outdoor photography, Photolemur will:

  • Detect sky and clouds and make them more vivid and sharp
  • Detect trees, and other foliage, making colors more vivid and natural
  • Adjust tones, exposure and contrast for natural look based on the time of the day
  • Fix unrealistic fog, mist, dust, etc
  • Analyze and adjust slanted horizons
  • And much more

Taking photos is a lot of fun. Taking perfect photos can be a challenge. Unfortunately Photolemur will not teach you to take great photos, it also will not take you to the world best photography destination. But what Photolemur will do is save hours of time you’d otherwise spend fixing your photos in Photoshop or other application. And this is a big deal.

Click here to learn more about the Photolemur and get your free beta. We are sure you’ll love it.

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