PMP Exam Experience Sharing: 45 Days Preparation.

On January 12, 2021, I received the congratulation email for the PMP exam from PMI, Project Management Institute knowing that I passed the exam. I looked at my exam report. Despite not 5As, the result was good. I felt that my one-month and a half PMP exam prep was paid off. Because of my working conditions, I only spent 45 days preparing for the exam.

During the one month and a half, apart from time for regular work, I only had 2-3 hours after work every weekday for preparation. Though I did not have adequate time, I still made a plan and followed the plan step by step trying my best to prepare for the exam.

I divided the knowledge points of PMP into five modules to review, namely, the five process groups.

PMP Exams

Every seven days, I would learn a process group. They are initial, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing groups. In fact, the five modules are the five major key points tested. I would review many times of ITTO of each process group because ITTO is also a tested point that often appears in the exam.

I mainly watched videos, read PMBOK and the explanations of teachers to prepare for the exam. Personally, I suggest reading the whole book of PMBOK one time so that you can have a clear understanding of PMP certification exam. At the same time, there are many details contained in the guidance, some of which may not be mentioned in the lecture notes of teachers, so it is necessary to read the book. In this case, you are more likely to pass the exam. In every 7-days, on the sixth or seventh day, I would take the corresponding test of each process group. You can do this in the PMP dumps offered by SPOTO

In the last ten days, I started the complete set of testing. I would do a complete sample test every two days. At the same time, I took the sample test arranged by SPOTO and listened to the explanations. I would confirm that I understand every point of knowledge. Every time you take a sample test, it is better to set the time limit strictly. Avoid pausing in the middle of the test. I thought that four hours for finishing the sample test are enough. However, in the real exam, you will find that you have to spend more time reading the questions and filling in the test form.

You will not have time left but just finish the exam on time. If you encounter many situational questions, you may consider for a longer time. Every question needs careful reading and analysis. Doing the PMP exam sample questions can well exercise your thinking and analyzing abilities. Through correcting and reviewing mistakes, you can find corresponding knowledge and further your understanding. Try to master every knowledge point as you can. The rest of the exam is the calculation questions. You only need to remember several key formulas.

The above is the experience shared. I hope that it can be helpful for every student who prepares for the PMI PMP exam and every candidate can realize your goal.

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