Print your iPhone Photos instantly Using Nostalgic Note Case


The advent of smartphones and digital cameras to our lives meant stop printing our pictures , and we have everything stored in the memory of our devices or computers and the best in any hard drive with folders organized, but the reality is that rarely print those photos.

Of course not enter into the debate of which is better, just for those who we met or had a Polaroid or went to the lab to reveal our old movies, we know what it is to have a physical picture on our hands . And under that premise Prynt, a hosted project appears Kickstarter seeking funding.

Prynt is a project of a French startup that will allow us in just 30 seconds to get our hands the photo just taken, since we are facing a housing in interior houses a printer for up to 10 sheets Zink , along with a rechargeable battery that will offer up to 20 prints by its creators.


This hard-printer connects to your iPhone via a connection Lightning (indeed there is in USB micro Android), so you will not need Bluetooth or WiFi enabled . On the other hand, the printer does not need ink, as this is part of the paper, same as we acquire through the application once we are done for a fee of $ 5 for a pack of 10 sheets.

Prynt can be purchased for $ 99 including housing and 10 leaves, this while still active campaign, which by the way is still a success with just over 420 thousand dollars collected 50,000 requesting initially.

Learn more | Prynt

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