How Can I Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone?

Human relationships are difficult to understand. It is hard to predict what kind of conversation the man or the woman is having within himself/herself.

In many cases, it is found that the girls in a relationship doubt their partner’s loyalty. In some extreme situations, they want to examine their partner at every step of their lives. 

There might be a lot of mixed feelings about it, but confirming the doubt is very important.

But do you think, such things are enough to check whether your partner is loyal to you or not? What else can you do? Read boyfriend’s text secretly, check his phone logs, scroll down the WhatsApp messages or keep an eye on social media activities.

We are here to help you out in some other way. Here we have a list of spying applications that can help you to read your boyfriend’s text messages, phone logs, and other activities without even touching his phone.

Check them out.


Spyine with its remarkable features has left the audience stunned across the globe. Millions of users, who have already used this application to meet their demands, have clearly spotted the benefits of using this app.

Spyine View Message

You can even check out the top media news like TechRadar, Forbes, PCMag, etc. to learn about some authentic reviews. 

Plus, you can view more on Spyine for reviews. Some popular features that have made this application one of the best spying apps are mentioned below.

Spyine has a stealth mode feature which ensures keeping an eye on every phone activity of the targeted person. It doesn’t matter whether the device is based on Android or iOS, the stealth mode works actively on it.

Spyine spying application even prevents rooting and jailbreaking activities while monitoring the mobile device of the targeted person.

For example, if it’s an iPad or iPhone, Spyine works without jailbreaking. This neither voids any warranty nor let your partner understand that something sneaky is happening with him.

The same thing happens when it comes to Android devices. Android devices can be accessed without rooting the targeted app. Just like the iOS devices, in Android as well you get the leverage to spy on your boyfriend’s mobile without letting him know.

Here’s how you can use Spyine in 3 simple steps.

  1. Just create an account on Spyine using your email ID (for Android targeted device) or iCloud credentials (for iOS targeted device).
  2. Install Spyine on your boyfriend’s phone. The app will run in the background without showing any kind of notifications.
  3. Browse to Spyine dashboard and choose the Spyine feature that you want to spy on.

Spyine has an option to browse. It has a web-based interface helping you to access the phone without installation of any app on your mobile system.

You can view more on Spyine and learn about its features in detail.



Next in the list is the Spyier. If you are not satisfied with Spyine, Spyier can be your spying partner for the time being. Its classic features are likely to draw the attention of those who are desperately waiting for an app to spy on someone’s mobile phone.

Spyier View Message

The best thing about this application is, you don’t need to touch your boyfriend’s mobile to read out his text messages, scroll down his call log, and track his real-time location. This spying app is ready to do everything.

The aspects that have made this app so popular are no rooting or no jailbreaking spying method, web-based interface, user-friendly dashboard, high-level data security, and above all, no hard-core technical knowledge is required to operate this app.

Want to read your boyfriend’s text secretly? Just create a Spyier account using your email ID for Android device or iCloud credentials for iOS devices. Install the application on his phone. Browse the Spyier dashboard and you are ready to monitor.


Whenever it comes to spying on someone’s text messages without touching the phone, Minspy is always recommended. Maybe because it is convenient to use, easy to install, and affordable to operate.

Minspy works similarly for both Android phones and iPhones. Though the installation process for the two different OS versions is different, it never lacks in performing well.

Minispy View Message

The featured spying app does not use rooting or jailbreaking methods to spy on the device. It uses a user-friendly interface and a web-based platform to perform the job without making any fuss.

Minspy can be used by anyone with basic knowledge. Just a few steps and you are ready to keep an eye on your boyfriend’s phone.

  1. Just create a free account on Minspy.
  2. Download and install the app on your boyfriend’s phone.
  3. You don’t need to do the same for yourself. You can simply log-in to the dashboard using a browser and start monitoring.


Spyic may not be as best as Spyine but it is surely a better option than the paid spying applications available in the market. Spyic is free to install and offers affordable premium subscriptions for the users.

Spyic View Message

The starred features that have created a difference involve the following.

  • A user-oriented interface that allows the user to scroll over the features easily
  • Round the clock user support that guarantees to notify the person about every activity of the targeted device
  • The pricing structure that has steered the wheels of plenty of people desiring to spy on their boyfriend’s mobile.
  • Spyic is easy to use. But still, if you find this tricky, you may watch the demo video for better clarity.



Cocospy is also considered among those spying applications that are widely used by a large group of audience. Just like Spyine has millions of users, Cocospy has also left no stone unturned to gain public appreciation.

Cocospy world first cell phone spy

Cocospy excels in tracking text messages, WhatsApp messages, call logs, downloaded apps, social media activities, photos, and other data present in the device. Aren’t they enough to examine your boyfriend’s loyalty?

No matter whether the device is Android or iOS-based, you can easily get a track report without any risk. Risk, in the sense, it never shows any sign of existence, whenever the app is installed in the targeted device.

Cocospy works on stealth mode and remains hidden, tracking every activity of the targeted user. No doubt, it’s a great spying app to opt for. You could also view more info about reading boyfriend’s text messages secretly on Neatspy.

The Bottom Line

Are you desperate to learn about your boyfriend’s daily activities? Want to stop the anxiety and view more on Spyine?

Stop biting your nails and install any one of these aforesaid spying applications on his phone. Don’t worry, as it is said earlier, the application when installed will run in the background without even letting the person know.

Be smart and use this app to read your boyfriend’s text secretly.

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