Releasing dates for iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 has been delayed, a leaked reports emerges.

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The news that Foxconn the long lasting partners with the Cupertino company has stated that they are no longer working with Apple in manufacturing their upcoming products made many rumors to emerge that Apple’s most anticipated future tablets will be delayed. The list include the iPad 5 which is reported to be a 9.7-inch tablet and the iPad mini 2 which will be more like the current iPad mini.

Both tablets were considered to be announced in September this year but the latest developments had made the target date look unbelievable. Many reports from inside Apple have always pointed towards the launch event to be held at the WWDC 2013 when iOS 7 Beta was released last month.

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Apple has recently ceased it’s deals with the Foxconn due to some issues of reliability that effects the sales of Apple’s most renowned flagship iPhone 5. The decision results in delay of the production of the upcoming products. The same will happen with the production of the long awaited next generation of Apple tablets.

However there are chances of releasing the iPad  and iPad mini 2 in the same launch event of iPhone 5S, So there are more chances that all of the future devices will come with iOS 7 pre-installed in them.  We have mentioned some rumors regarding iPad 5 which will be much more slimmer in shape and will have some new improvements in their screens which could possess the new Retina Plus display.  The new iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2 will also have the new camera sensor inserted in them.

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