Requirements for GCC High & Teams.

In today’s time, every business and government has an aim to go fully digital with all their processes and be future-proof. Data is known as the modern currency as it can be used to trade information or even be blackmailed for if in the wrong hands. It is an important task for all businesses and organizations to protect all the data as it can contain sensitive content too.

This is where Microsoft GCC High and GCC come in. Microsoft has engineered and developed a cloud service for all the organizations and businesses that handle sensitive data or are related to government entities and need to follow the set of rules and regulations directed by the government. The Microsoft GCC High works under all the regulations and rules laid by the government.

GCC High Eligibility.

The GCC High environment provides compliance with all the government-directed rules and regulations, particularly for those businesses that use cloud services. When consolidated with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, businesses can have all the capabilities and collaboration of these services. Businesses can also enjoy the benefits that are unique to GCC High, including the following:

  • GCC High complies with all the certifications that are needed by the public sector customers.
  • Content can be accessed only by Microsoft Employees and staff members who have had background checks.
  • All the customer content and data is stored and saved in the United States.

If a business or an organization wants to implement Microsoft GCC High, they need to be a government entity or need to be associated with one. This can range from being a government-related agency to an entity that has been authorized by the state to carry out the business. There are only a few authorized DaaS Providers who can sell Microsoft GCC High licenses.

Microsoft GCC High

GCC High Compliance

A while back, Microsoft provided updates that were specifically pushed out to help all the organizations and the businesses that use Microsoft GCC High. These updates were released to assist the companies in complying with the future and current government-directed policies and regulations. The most recent updates were designed to offer more features from the commercial Microsoft 365 suite that was not available before.

Employee Collaboration

Most companies and organizations prefer and use Microsoft Teams as the main platform for collaboration. After the build updates provided recently, organizations and companies who are using the GCC High have observed an increase in the overall productivity as the functionalities and capabilities have improved.

Some of the changes that were added through the updates were team calls, change to the chats, and presence. Offsite calling has now been allowed within teams making chats and team calls easier than before. The employees can also chat and communicate with people who are not a part of the business workspace. The admins have the ability to put restrictions on with whom the users can communicate.

As you see these were the requirements for Microsoft GCC High. Apps4Rent provides virtual solutions such as Windows Cloud PC with round-the-clock professional support and maintenance.

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