Retina Macbook Air 12 , Apple plans a small revolution


9to5Mac has the technological world on the trail of what could be the new future Macbook Air 12 . According who claims to have obtained from domestic sources, the Cupertino company is preparing a new model within the Air range but would come with many new features and even surprises mainly associated with its design.In the images recreated in 9t5Mac, which are not leaks, we see represented the changes in terms of design to introduce this new version with 12-inch screen, Retina type, and with a little higher than the current Air dimensions 11 inches. Less in thickness and weight.

If something says 9to5mac would call attention to the future Macbook Air 12 inch would by its reduced thickness. We are talking about a laptop that presume low-dimensional in that paragraph and in the margins. Both the screen and the keyboard is completely approach their edges. For the keyboard, separation and distribution between keys would be modified to fit the smaller team.


But more significant is the change at the level of connections that bring the Air 12 which precisely for this reason (and the Retina screen), no current Air retire but complement them as a premium model . And risky.

Apple could do without any physical connection, including SD and power connector ports, to provide future Air 12-inch single USB port of type C , which, with the aid of an adapter would be able both to power the computer as to enable a possible external output to a monitor or host a USB hub if necessary. Whether by Apple or third parties, this port would open a path dependence as accessories and more ports. But clearly not seem destined for now, to the public.

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