Reviewing the Most Popular Sales Enablement Tool – Content Camel

Do you think running a business is simple? Reconsider! To begin with, monthly calculations, bargaining, administration, and financial issues are some of the things that need to be considered during the business cycle. However, the most important among them, without which a company cannot survive, is getting leads.

Now, every company has sales staff. But, only those succeed who equip them with gadgets, materials, and devices. Sales enablement software and different instruments help in improving the execution of the task. Additionally, the use of such software helps getting sales relatively simple. One such sales enhancement software is Content Camel. It is ranked among the most popular sales enablement tools out there. Let’s read this in-depth review to find out if it is worth the hype or not:

About Content Camel

Content Camel is a sales enablement software produced for supporting outstanding sales groups performing well. The agents can oversee and sort out content in one spot. With regards to arranging data, Content Camel is a brilliant decision. It enables companies to reach sales groups and arrange content as indicated by the entrepreneurs. Additionally, you can sort them by channel stage, content sort, and labels.

Content Camel

Key Highlights

Content Camel is a complete sales enablement software offering remarkable highlights.

Insight in to the sales

Probably the best component of Content Camel is sales Investigation. It is a fundamental component that will help your sales group to realize how their product is performing. Because of this component, the sales and advertising group can sort out which product or service is not performing and which product or service is doing amazing sales.

Also, the product will give continuous measurements and bits of knowledge into client commitment. Thus, it will help sales groups to improve their usefulness and effectiveness. The product permits salespeople to trade reports as well.

Stack Combination

Content camel is an electronic program that you can’t download on your gadget. Something extraordinary about this is that it can combine up with different stages easily. It works smoothly with Gmail, Standpoint, Pipedrive, SalesLoft, and Salesforce.

Access Controls

Another incredible element of this product is that it will empower salespeople to keep a few things hidden like value records or some other data.

Google Drive Reconciliation

Probably the best element of this product is Google Drive Reconciliation. It empowers you to work both on the online and offline. The salespeople can undoubtedly import content from anyplace like nearby organizers, Drive, Dropbox, and the web. Also, the sales group can likewise transfer content as well

Things you would like about Content Camel

Here are a few things we adored about Content Camel.

  1. The business device is custom made and thus ensures sound quality of work as and when commanded.
  2. The software is cost-effective and not that expensive. In simple words, no longer does an organization should break their bank to make fruitful deals. It is reasonable for each sort of business.
  3. The best thing is its administration and hierarchical element. It will permit the salespeople to coordinate everything in a focal spot and effectively access them.

Things that need improvements

In spite of the fact that Content Camel is the best software accessible and available, there are a few improvements that are badly needed for it

It would have been superior software if it offered some additional highlights like contacting the executives, administration, preparing and briefing the board, and meeting the executives. With the assistance of meeting the executives, salespeople can undoubtedly plan a gathering.

Another drawback of this is that it doesn’t have any usage tracking ability. With the help of sales analytics, you can determine which content is working, but you are unable to figure out who is using it.

Final Thoughts

Based on the pros and cons discussed above, it is safe to conclude that Content Camel is amazing software. It will help improve the efficiency of sales groups and help convey an insight into all customers. So, if you are looking for a sales enablement tool for your business, you can rely on Content Camel without any hesitation.

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