Rising office trends of 2014 described in infographic.


This info graphic examines the rising office trends for 2014.  Offices are constantly changing and diversifying to keep up with technology changes, workforce differences and to always try and increase productivity.  The first area of the office this info graphics looks at is ‘Endangered Species’, many office appliances are being phased out and will no longer be needed as more and more office tasks are available online. For example, in 2014 the need for a Rolodex and business cards will be replaced by a smartphone application with is more reliable, saves paper and is completely free.

Other traditional office staples such as standard working hours, office cubicles and formal business attire are all running the risk of becoming unnecessary and out of date. A trend that is going to be huge for 2014 is BYOD (Bring You Own Device). Basing its findings on a Deloitte Report, this info graphic explains how over ½ of UK smartphones in companies will be through a BYOD scheme by 2016.  ‘Time to Telecommunicate’ is the next section of this info graphic and shows how more and more people will be working from home and these figures will continue to rise. Due to the nature of many office workers jobs it is now possible to work completely from home and use applications like GoMeeting and Google Drive to join meetings and share files easily and efficiently.

Online Meeting platforms are being used more and more in offices as it instantly lets people join a meeting regardless of location and also saves time setting up meeting rooms, waiting for people to arrive etc. ‘The Cloud Phenomenon’ is the next section of this info graphic and evaluates the different platforms available and compares them in terms of unique selling point and pricing. The final section of this Rising Office Trends 2014 info graphic details how outsourcing will continue to grow in 2014, with India and China being the two most popular locations.

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