Safety and Security Around Real Money Online Slots: 7 Things to Check

Online slots changed the way people gamble online for the better. No longer do you need to take a trip to Las Vegas to gamble. All you need is an account at a genuine online casino. Then you can play all your favorite slots hassle-free.

Are online slots safe? The short answer is yes. Today’s slot machines are ironclad safe. They can’t be hacked. They can’t rig your data and casinos can’t manipulate them. The long answer is that you need to see the following security checks to confirm a slot is secure at

#1: RNG Software

The first sign of a safe slot machine is Random Number Generator (RNG) software. This computer program secures the code used to produce winners and losers. The code is designed to generate winners randomly.

If tampered with, a slot machine is no longer safe. Someone could change a slot’s code to produce wins after a specific number of spins. They could also rig it to produce a certain amount of money.

Safe real money slots

Luckily, nearly every real money slot online uses RNG software. Some games are built on Bitcoin’s secure, immutable and decentralized ledger known as blockchain. As such, the games are still safe and fair.

#2: A Respected Software Provider

There’s no doubt a slot is safe if it uses RNG software. But knowing the game comes from a reputable developer can help confirm it’s secure. You see, software providers have the ability to rig games.

Sure, they might add RNG software to their games. But they could design a slot to pay out less often for more profits. This isn’t a problem where you choose games from top-tier developers: Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO, Playtech and Betsoft, to name a few.

These software providers are licensed and regulated to ensure they create fair, high-quality games. Unsurprisingly, top casinos, like the brands listed at, all acquire their games from NetEnt, Playtech and the other developers we mentioned above.

To be clear, top software providers aren’t just known for their fair games. They also create slots with high payouts, advanced graphics, interactive features and mobile support.

#3: A Secure Casino

Can an unsafe casino provide safe slots? Technically, it can. But you don’t want to be the person who spends their money at suspicious casino sites. The reason is simple. You will get scammed sooner or later.

For example, you might deposit cash and win more money at a slot. But then it becomes impossible to cash out your profits. Or you could win and the app confiscates your profits on dubious grounds.

The bottom line: choose a secure casino. Look for a license from a trusted regulator like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Look for SSL encryption (padlock sign) and trusted software providers.

 #4: Safe Banking

Secure banking is yet another sign of a safe slot site. During deposits, you want a quick, low-cost transaction. You can choose your payment provider to ensure you get the fastest speeds and cheapest charges.

But note, operators don’t accept every payment company in the world. In many cases, you need to choose a bank provider from a list of five to 10 companies. Popular card providers include Visa and MasterCard.

On the flip side, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, and Google Pay are the common options for e-wallet fans. You can also use bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and checks. The objective is to add money to your casino account safely.

Crucially, you should have the authority to spend the money on games you love. More importantly, you shouldn’t face fines for being inactive, at least not for a short period. Withdrawals are even more important because that’s how you test whether a website is safe or not.

#5: Fair General Terms and Conditions

One of the most important things to check in a casino is its terms and conditions. It doesn’t matter whether it provides famous slots or it has a license from a recognized regulator. Terms and conditions tell you everything you need to know about a company.

Picture this. You spot a beautifully designed casino site. It’s licensed and has a secure website. But under its terms and conditions, you can’t withdraw more than three times the amount you have spent on its website in the last three months.

Here’s the problem. You could win $10,000 after spending only $100 on the site. But due to its withdrawal policy, you’ll be limited to $300. That’s unfair—a robbery even. And you probably wouldn’t notice it if you never read the company’s policies.

#6: Fair Bonus Policies

Bonus policies fall into a different category from the general terms. That’s because you’re not obligated to claim these rewards. Nonetheless, you might want to claim fair bonuses once in a while.

Put simply, bonuses are free spins and betting credits you can use to increase your bankroll. Casinos award you these freebies to welcome you or to reward your loyalty. A bonus can be small, say 10 slot spins or $1000.

Although you want a big slot bonus always, focus more on the policies. Find out the maximum you can withdraw, the slots you can play and the withdrawal process. Choose bonuses with a small number of wagering requirements.

#7: Online Reviews

There’s a reason you should read slot reviews. There are hundreds of machines out there. And as a result, you can save time by learning about great machines from fellow players. Also, you save money by not gambling on a game with little returns.

Generally speaking, look for reviews that talk about the positives and negatives of a game. This helps you get a clear picture of what to expect. Maybe a game is fun to play but it’s volatile. Or maybe a slot has a high RTP but pays out small amounts.

In addition to reading reviews, play slots on demo modes. It’s free and you can play the games for hours. The benefit is that you’ll gain first-hand experience of how a slot works.

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