Samsung aims to ship 500 million phones in 2013.

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The Korean giant phone maker Samsung is aiming to carry on it’s golden run as a phone maker and wants to increase the gap with it’s followers in the cellphone market. The Samsung’s industry supply chain sources have been quoted at Digitimes, mentioning  the Korean aims to reach the 500 million cellphones shipment mark by this year.

The most popular Samsung devices are it’s Smartphones and among them, it’s the Galaxy Series which has helped Samsung’s sales increasing dramatically for last 3-4 years. Last year the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold more than 60 million units making it the best Samsung device sold in one calendar year. That has helped Samsung to achieve the new heights. Samsung is currently the biggest smartphone maker. The company has already shipped more than 200 Million smartphones in year 2012 alone.  The latest aspiration of the South Korean giant is to sell 500 million phones this year.


We have received different reports about the sales of Samsung phones in 2012. Samsung officially didn’t disclosed any facts yet about the sales the company made in 2012. But according to different source like IDC which claims that the Samsung has shipped over 400 million phones in 2012. These include all type of smartphones and other handsets that the company made. However, Gartner reports that Samsung has managed to ship 384 million units, while the data from the Strategy Analytic claim 396 million units.

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Samsung has already mentioned it’s aims to sell 100 million Galaxy S4’s that has been just announced and it’s not shipped yet. It will be available in 155 countries and on 327 different carriers all over the world. Samsung needs to increase it’s production rates 25-30%  to achieve the desired 500 million sales target.

If we look at the past 2 years Samsung increased it’s shipment 21% in 2011 and an estimated 23-25% in 2012, so If Samsung achieve the same progress this year they can easily cross that 500 million barer.


Source: Unwired


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