Samsung developing 4GB RAM for mobile phone devices.


Many smartphone in recent times have been announced with the 3GB on board RAM but Samsung wants to introduce the next level for the Smartphone RAMS. The Korean mobile manufacturing company has successfully developed a new 4GB (1GB) LPDDR4 RAM for mobile devices. So we can hope that it will be used in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy series smartphones and tablets.

The company says that the newly developed DRAM is designed to integrate in a single package for any type of high end mobile devices including the smartphones and tablets. This will increase the total RAM of that device up to 4 GB. As we all know that the Samsung’s most latest smartphone the Galaxy Note III has the 3GB RAM slot under the hood.

A Korean tech site explained the new development by Samsung in detail, reporting the new 8GB LPDDR4 RAM is fabricated on the new 20-nanometer class of process technology and uses low voltage swing terminated logic ( LVSTL) I/O interface. The new RAM will consume 40 percent less voltage and performs double as fast as that of the previous LPDDR3 DRAM which has been used by high end mobile manufactures in the recent days.

This will increase the device response time with the decrease in boot time and more increase the response of highly memory consuming apps and games. This new LPDDR4 RAM will also increase the power of the device without effecting the battery of the device.

All the top tech geeks in their recent reports claimed that this new 4GB LPDDR4 RAM is expected to be found in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. If this is true than the Galaxy S5 will set new level of smartphone performance which others will start to follow sooner or later.

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