Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery is now available in 6500mAh

Replacement Battery for Galaxy note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is supported by a powerful 3200 mAh battery. The battery still more capable and meets the requirements. But still the battery’s power literally goes toward keeping the lights on due to huge screen of note and its FHD resolution. So the Mugen one of the best Smartphone’s battery manufacturer planned to manufacture a 6500mAh replacement battery for Galaxy Note 3. The battery is now released and is available to add up to your Galaxy note 3.

The 6500 mAh replacement battery by Mugen is thicker than the actual one. So Mugen also provide a custom back cover too which is available in 2 colors i.e. in black and white. After covering up the Galaxy note 3 become a bit thicker than its actual 8.3mm diameter. The 6500 mAh battery will obviously capable to have a life 2 times more than the actual, as also stated by Mugen. The Company also giving a NFC chip integration in case to doesn’t affect the terms of connectivity in note 3. Mugen also introduced a replacement battery for Galaxy Note 2 one year ago.

Replacement Battery for Galaxy note 3

The replacement battery is available to buy at priced $98.50. Mugen will ship it for free, the delivery is starting from 6th December. You can buy it for more comfortable use of your Galaxy Note. Now you can enjoy a long life without any fear of reducing battery time while going to long drive, picnic, or any event or part where you need a long note 3’s battery life.

Replacement Battery for Galaxy note 3




Source: PhoneArena.

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