Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a Flexible screen ?


Again it is going to happen, history repeats itself. It went that way for presenting the Galaxy SIII when it was rumored that the materials would not be plastic, which confirmed ceramic finishes. A few days ago these rumors are again on the rise, and this time for the Galaxy Note 3 , this time in aluminum.

And like last year, when the Galaxy Note II was on the verge of release, it was also bombarded with tons of rumors all over the place of an alleged implementation of flexible displays in this terminal. But unfortunately none of the spread news came close to the reality of which the device was made. Samsung keeps on using plastic in their High-End devices and as far as display is concerned they love to have non-flexible Hard Gorilla glass displays. They might be sensing harder is better. Anyways we try again, this time with his new version of Samsung Galaxy Note III.


It is expected that this next device will be unveiled just like the Galaxy Note II which was launched last year  at the IFA fair last summer. However this phone is going to have a flexible display which will be more thin light and above all it will be more durable, and it will be housed in the same tough rigid case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

And its the fact  that these flexible displays could weigh half as compared to the current OLED , Their weight even reduced to one third when compared with LCD technology, thanks to its plastic base , as well as being noticeably thinner. This leaves a margin to increase space and weight items such as the battery or reduce the thickness.

These screens already have been delayed on more than one occasion, although the latest indications have been guiding us to accept the fact that these new displays have been in the making at the Samsung factories.

However, it suggests that it is still unclear if Samsung is capable of imposing Full HD resolutions this year to this technology. And if they do, there is talk of a possible distinction markets, as is already the case with the Galaxy S4 and processor Exynos 5 Octa, insufficient production case can also be a big factor in developing the new techniques  .

There we have all the rumored images of the next Samsung Galaxy Note III.

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