Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Coming with new TouchWiz UI loaded.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 new TouchWiz

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is on the verge of release and we have lots of leaked info already shared all around the web. Here we are with yet another leaked video showing the Samsung’s very own TouchWiz UI in a whole look for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which is to be unveiled in a special event on 2nd of August 2016.

Here is the video describing the new TouchWiz 2016 User interface for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 new TouchWiz 2016

The new TouchWiz design appears to be very clean and simple overall, the colors are very nice and not too distracting. Samsung has never shied away from allowing users to customize the look of their devices and with the new TouchWiz UX it may even allow them to use icon packs to add a bit of flair to the system. Do check out a video and get a glimpse of what the UX might look like on the Galaxy Note 7.

keep in touch for more info regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note 7.

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