Samsung Galaxy S4 hits 20 Million Sales in just 2 Months.

Galaxy s4 Sales

Korean based  company Samsung has issued their new sales reports for the month of June and it clearly shows that their flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 is breaking some records of the most speedy sold smartphone. It has recently crossed the 20 million mark with the sales already on the up.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has launched in over 150 Countries and on 350+ carriers. The smartphone has been found to be the most powerful Android phone yet in all the benchmark tests. The achievement of 20 Million sales made by Samsung Galaxy S4 in less than two months has been regarded as the fastest by any Samsung phone ever made. Even the previous most successful Samsung phone the Galaxy S3 achieved these sale figures in 5 months.

Samsung already have announced the 10 million sales figures in late May, assuming the dates one can say that the Samsung Galaxy S4 sales have seen an increase and the next 10 million sale figure has been achieved even faster than the first 10 million bulk.

Samsung has set a goal to reach 100 million sales by the time next Galaxy SV or S5 hits the markets that will be probably early next year in February or March 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S4 sales

Samsung can achieve this 100 million figure if they carry on selling their flagship device with the same rate. However the announcements of more Galaxy S4 variants like Galaxy S4 Mini, the dust and water proof Galaxy S4 Active and the introduction of Galaxy S4 Zoom also pumps the sales of the Samsung smartphones. The Korean company has already hinted that they are all ready to sell 500 million Samsung smartphones in year 2013 alone. Currently they are the world’s most smartphone selling company.