Samsung Galaxy S4 Kernel Source has been released.

Samsung galaxy S4 Kernel, S4 kernel, Galaxy S4 Roms, Galaxy S4 custom roms

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has released it’s kernel source code for the developers. Code for three different Galaxy S4 variants has been released including GT-I9500 , GT-I9505 and the SGH-I337M. The sources have been posted on Official Samsung open source site for download the link is also posted bottom of the post. Samsung seems to be following the footsteps of HTC who also did released their source code for it’s model HTC One. 

The Kernel source code is being used by developers to cook custom ROMs which later can be adopted on the same devices. The developers will start tweaking with the released Samsung kernel and when the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone hits the market their first custom ROM will also be available online. Although it is not possible to access features and all the Samsung’s proprietary technologies , such as the newly developed  Sense user interface which  itself is a crucial support for the development of custom ROM s. We can sense some tough time for developers to accumulate all the nine sensors Galaxy S4 Comes with. If we see the successful ROM’s list from the past, it’s always the CyanogenMod for all recent Samsung smartphones. 

 It is well known that the Galaxy S family is quite wide with Samsung already shipped over 100 million Galaxy S devices last year. So there is no reason that Samsung Galaxy S4 can’t reach the same level of support enjoyed by Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Galaxy SII, among all the third party ROM and Kernel developers. Beside all this Samsung also have shown it’s ambitions to ship over 500 million handsets including 100 million Galaxy S4’s only.

We already have the custom exemplary case as Samsung Galaxy SIII which has been tested and has most stable ROM’s than any other device yet. Hope Samsung Galaxy S4 will enjoy the same status. The Kernel code can be found here.

Samsung galaxy S4 Kernel, S4 kernel, Galaxy S4 Roms, Galaxy S4 custom roms
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