Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: And the Winner Is?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are currently the two premier Android smartphones on the market today, which has left many people to wonder which phone is better. While both phones are amazing pieces of technology, there are several key features that separate each phone apart from the other. After examining these two great cell phones closely, there was one that was able to slightly win the battle. The previous flagship devices of both companies started in a tough competition environment but the Galaxy S III manage to fly past by the HTC One X.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 does have a .3 inch larger screen, but that is nearly impossible to distinguish when holding both phones. The batter life on the flagship phone from Samsung is also slightly better, but an hour or two or extra battery life should not be included in a purchase decision. The rest of the specs on both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are nearly identical, so it is going to come down to the unique features of each phone.

The biggest problem with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that most of the new features are not something that everyone will use or need every day. It is nice that you can answer a phone call by waiving your hand across the phone, but is it really that hard to just press the answer button on the touchscreen. Samsung has also added several unique features to the camera that only make it harder to use. The new gestures on the Samsung Galaxy S4 will also be rarely used and do not add anything to the experience. It seems like Samsung was simply looking to add frivolous features that no other phone has just so you could have something to show off.

The opposite strategy of Samsung was achieved by HTC. Every new and unique feature in the HTC One makes for a more enjoyable experience. The new Blinkfeed feature on the home screen allows all users to get their most important news in seconds. The speakers included in the HTC One are also better that you will find on any smartphone ever created, which is perfect for movie and music lovers.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may have a slightly larger screen, but it loses the design battle as well. The phone just feels cheap and flimsy in your hand after you hold the HTC One. The HTC One is constructed of high quality metal while the Samsung Galaxy S4 is made entirely of plastic.

The HTC One is the best smartphone on the market today, and it will be tough to knock it off its pedestal. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone, it just cannot match up with the HTC One.