Samsung Galaxy S5 models leaked, SM-G900 will be the International version.


Samsung Galaxy S5 is on the verge of release and we have confirm reports that the Galaxy S5 will have the initial model number SM-G900 which is to be named as the international variant of the Galaxy S5. The leaked reports says that the G900 will be the model series for the future Samsung’s flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5 which has been the most anticipated device currently and all eyes are on Samsung to make an early announcement of the Galaxy S5.

The recent leaked reports has the list of codes that would be used for different variants belonging to different countries and cellular companies. All the models will have the same initials like SM-G900x. We have seen the reports earlier published in PhoneArena about the revelead postal showing SM-G900H as the Indonesian variant of the Galaxy S5.

Today we have a whole list of the expected Samsung Galaxy S5 models with their codes for different regions and some specified Cellular companies who are quite interested to showcase the future Samsung flagship device for their customers.

Some European models of the Galaxy S5, SM-G900F has been shown in the AnTuTu benchmark tests a couple of days ago. While the whole list of the Samsung Galaxy S5 models that are confirm by now are given below.

  • SM-G9006V_CHN_CHN (China)
    – SM-G9008V_CHN_ZM (China)
    – SM-G9009D_CHN_CTC (China)
    – SM-G900A_NA_ATT (AT&T)
    – SM-G900D_JPN_DCM (Japan)
    – SM-G900F_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
    – SM-G900H_EUR_XX (Open Europe)
    – SM-G900I_SEA_XSA (Asia)
    – SM-G900J_JPN_KDI (Japan)
    – SM-G900K_KOR_KTC (Korea)
  • SM-G900L_KOR_LGC (Korea)
    – SM-G900M_LA_VF (Vodafone)
    – SM-G900P_NA_SPR (Sprint)
    – SM-G900R4_NA_USC (US Cellular)
    – SM-G900S_KOR_SKC (Korea)
    – SM-G900T_NA_TMB (T-Mobile)
    – SM-G900V_NA_VZW (Verizon)
    – SM-G900W8_NA_BMC (BMC)

Hope to see more models soon, we will post them here as soon as we get the final reports. Meanwhile here is the Galaxy S5 concept video that is regarded as the best concept of the device so far.

Source: SamMobile.

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