Samsung Galaxy S5 specs leaked again by some credible source.


We have been talking about the future flagship device by the giant Korean phone makers Samsung and its the Galaxy S5 which is no doubt the most anticipated device at the moment. With all the rumours and reports its quite clear that the Galaxy S5 is on the verge of release. With the release dates coming closer the debate starts flaming up as more and more sources starts claiming the final specs sheet ย of the Samsung Galaxy S5, though there have been a lot of concept images of the device found online.

Same has been done by a Russian blogger who claimed the main specs of the S5 in his single tweet mentioning the display, Processor, RAM, Storage, Camera and Battery features of the device. According to the Murtazin’s tweet the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a slightly larger display of 5.25 inch 2K display with the expected resolution of 2560 x 1440 Super AMOLED with the crystal clear display having 560ppi density, the best in current high-end Android phone market.

He further suggested two different variants on the basis of chiped in processors. The one with the latest Exynos 6 processor and the others expected to have a Snapdragon 805 processor, the same strategy by Samsung as they did with their current Galaxy S4 devices. Beside this the Galaxy S5 will have a powerful 3GB of internal RAM which will be supported with GPU. There Galaxy S5 will have two different models on the basis of internal memory and those would be the 32GB or the 64GB version with support for the microSD card upto another 64 GB.

As described earlier there will be a 16-megapixel rear Camera and another 3.2-megapixel at the front of the device. The device will be powered by a 3,200 mAh battery same as the one found in the Galaxy Note series devices. The battery of such huge capacity would be necessary as the new 2K display would consume rather more battery then the previous HD displays found in older models.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will run the latest Android 4.4 KitKat version with the overlay of their very own TouchWiz user interface seen earlier with the new tabbed UI. We can expect more built in apps like the SHealth, Watch On and some new ones capable of integrating with the Galaxy Gear. Despite this the leaked model name SM-G900 is most expected to be the international version while there are more models for different regions and cellular companies to be seen in previous reports.

There are yet no final reports about the built quality of the phone as we heard of aluminium body to be brought in by Samsung this time but many sources have denied the fact and claimed that the Galaxy S5 will also come up in plastic cover having the leather stitched back as seen in the Galaxy Note 3.

Well for the final and confirmed specs sheet of the Galaxy S5 we would wait for the official release but repeated reporting of the same specs by some credible sources shows the device is ready to launch any-time soon. Meanwhile here is the official tweet by the Russian blogger @eldarmurtazin.

We have the gallery of all expected Galaxy S5 designs from the best sources. [ Note: all are concept designs]

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