Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, iPhone 6 Plus and HTC One M9 bending test Square Trade

s6 bendgate test

I think we gave too much importance to “bendgate” at the time, and now few people remember it. When the iPhone 6 appeared in the market had the opportunity to analyze it to Engadget , the truth, I never found it particularly fragile in construction, understanding that this is a metal phone , and considerably large for its thinness .

Evidence that these characteristics were not the best for the bending test we had when similar situations posed as the HTC One M8. Now, people from Square Trade has decided to test three of the most striking phones on the market: iPhone 6 in its Plus version, M9 HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge .

The guys from Square Trade do two tests , one for setting the weight of folded, and one for the phone splitting. Let’s see video:

The maximum weight supported by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is 110 pounds , exactly the same that supports the iPhone 6 Plus. If the intention is to break the Edge gets to that point with 149 pounds while the Apple phone does 179 pounds. The third phone, M9, is the more weight it supports before bending, 120 lbs .

A curious test that we must not give more importance, in which the most important market phones have a hard time, and test resistant elements built with Gorilla Glass 4 , such as Samsung and HTC.

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