Samsung Galaxy S6 shows a tiny issue with its LED Flash.


The future flagship devices by the Korean smartphone makers have been already in revealed in an event on 1st of March at MWC Barcelona. In this event Samsung presenter described some of the features of the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, while ignoring some of the most talked about features in leaked reports on different sites even before the launch of these devices. But with all the hype created before the release of the device there comes the first ever issue that the Galaxy S6 has brought with it.

Some of the users of the Galaxy S6 with the Sprint and T-mobile variants of the device has reported that there are some issues found with the LED Flash of the device. This is just after some of the reports that showed that there are thousands of small scratches all over the front glass of the device especially around the home button.

The device has been reported to arrive on the market shelves of different countries at the same time but this issue has been reported with some particular devices shipped to the United States. Different complaints started popping up as some of the devices (Roughly 20% ) have seen with the LED Flash problem. This defect has been found in devices when the user takes a photograph at dark places the Flash seems to be remained continously ON and won’t switched off until you reset your device.

The authorities at Samsung have promised to get this glitch fixed soon. Especially with the users of the T-Mobile variant of the device who have been using the special deal on the device. As has transpired Samsung recognizes the potential problem, bounded only a certain number of units and not all devices manufactured, and promises a quick fix by updating software.


The issue has been reported on the biggest Android platform the XDA developers and they have pointed it and got noticed by the makers of the Samsung smartphones instantly. We hope that this minor software fix will be soon OTA to get this LED Flash issue got fixed on the Samsung Galaxy S6 device. ¬†Keeping in mind that the problem has been reported on both 32GB and 64GB models, while the 128 GB model don’t showed any defect with Flash ON or OFF photoshoot.